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On my last entry, I said something about the manga I bought online. At that time, I was afraid that the Customs will charge me with insane amount once my manga landed in my country so I searched through Google on how to deal with my country’s Bureau of Customs. I found some people saying most people are “crocs” but if luck is on your side they won’t overcharge you. Uh oh–I had hope Luck will be beside me. And just few minutes ago, my manga finally arrived and it was delivered straight to our room! The postman was carrying a small box when he knocked. He said it is a delivery from Japan and asked for the payment of Php 45.00 (hoho, Luck was beside me! XD), I hurriedly grabbed my money and handed it out to him. He gave me my receipt and the box. Wohoo! Finally, I received the manga I purchased via an online store: an InuYasha Manga Volume 1 in its original Japanese language! Woot! I ordered it nine days ago from Nippon Export, an online store for any items from Japan and was alerted that it has been shipped out two days ago. I am very much contented so I am sharing my experience:

  • April 6, 2009 – I registered myself in their site.
  • April 12 up to the remaining days of the month – Inquiries. Then, I found out that I cannot pay through credit card because their site’s system for credit card payment is not available for my country. So, I am left with Paypal. I registered an account there and added one of my credit cards. I waited for my credit card statement to get the little confirmation code from Paypal.
  • May 16, 2009 – I sent an inquiry about the availability of the manga. Though their site’s FAQ says that for an old book it would take about 3 weeks at most to get a copy from the publisher, InuYasha manga is an exception because it is a successful one and I was informed a copy of the said manga can be ready within a week. So, I placed my order. Wee 😀

    I paid a total of 1468 Yen. 468 Yen for the manga + 1000 Yen for shipping (EMS). Unfortunately, EMS is the only option I can get. Oh well, at least the book will arrive fast due to this shipping method. I received an invoice and sent the payment right after.

  • May 17, 2009 – My Paypal payment has been confirmed. I have to wait at least a week for them to get a copy of the book from the publisher.
  • May 23, 2009 – My order has been shipped out.
  • May 25, 2009 – Manga has been received in very good condition! Woot!

So, what can I say about this? It was really a great online shopping experience! ^^ Below I listed my pros and cons. First, the cons.


  • Shipping cost– For my manga, it is 1000 Yen which is doubled the price of my manga.
  • Limited shipping method (for my country)– I was left with EMS. Though it is a good shipping method, I wasn’t given the chance to choose. But still I am happy with their service.
  • No other payment options for me– I am lucky that there is Paypal.


  • Great customer service – Very fast and kind response to all inquiries
  • Item has been packaged with care – Manga is in very good condition, no scratches, deformation, etc. Look at the pics below
  • Price is much lower compare to other online stores- Well, I compared it to two online stores and it is the cheapest among the three. But then again, the shipping cost is really a big ouch. >.<
  • No hidden costs or whatever – Very true. Just check out your item and whatever the price is, that’s it. No hidden charges etc. Thumbs up!


Rating: 10/10 Because I am contented and happy with my manga. 😀

Note: I am NOT affiliated with Nippon-Export. I am just a satisfied customer that wants to broadcast to everyone that it is a great online store for your otaku needs!


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