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Starting again…

I will start again today. I will continually learn and aim for my goals. Everyone has 24hrs/day so it is all about how you use your time.


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WordPress new look?

Wow, I just logged in today and I’m surprised with WP’s new look. Or is it just a theme/color change? hehe.

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Holic Cool Fashion Items

One of the features that I really like in Holic is its Cool Fashion Items! I played around with their premium shop (their “Holic Square”) and was amazed that they have preview for fashions! I might look like ridicule to be amazed for that but my previous mmorpg doesn’t have that…so yeah, that explains why. XD

I went crazy with F12 screenshot button. Haha! Look, here are some of their cool fashions:

Cool, right? I say, I’m impressed with it even though I didn’t purchase any of these items. 😛

Official Homepage of Holic: http://holic.netgame.com

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Changed the theme for my wordpress account and added a header image (thanks to http://www.stockvault.net). 🙂

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