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Though I no longer play this game, I’m still checking the forums whenever I’m free. One day, a thread caught my eyes. It is entitled “V13 to be out in Korea?”. I was like “oh, okay…let me see” and here’s the rough list of updates included on the said version:

1. Rainbow system mini games– Huh? Mini games for what? I seriously think that the developers should focus more on other features (like class balancing, skill fix, etc—a lot of Flyffers would want to see this but the developers are either deaf or blind or both) rather than adding new out-of-the-blue features.

2) Housing system and marriage system– Eh? Another new feature. How about focusing the development of the game on flying devices, monsters, pvp on air…this is supposed to be Flyff For Fun, right? How come there is no fun at all in flying? It is just a merely a way of transporting from one place to another.
3) Expert or master system– Another grinding quest? For…level 300? LOL. I bet a lot of players would be -again-spending gazillion of money for the amplifications and other CS stuff they would need to achieve those level.
4) Elemental upgrading up to +20– Huh? Endless upgrades again! Yes, we do understand that Business is Business but have you ever heard the complaints about the upgrading system? The dices were removed to give way to oris. The upgrade chance was lowered. And the developers would like to encourage the Flyffers to do more elemental upgrading (for what? for more income I guess?). Geez
5) New map (Coral Island)– for character 70 and below. Okay, this one is a bit okay. I would assume this is like Azria, accessible through CS ticket. Another ouch for those who are still playing.
6) Posters and arrows up to 9,999 max per set- Great! After 12 versions, they finally decided to implement a suggestion from their players! Really, it is great!

I think Flyff, one of the MMORPGs I used to love, is now moving towards its self destruction. In the FlyffPH forums, one can actually notice that other players are no longer happy with the updates. It is really a big disappointment. One can already picture out the future of Flyff. Endless upgrades. Endless CS items to purchase. More imbalances. More outdated skills. I would not be surprise if in the future they would implement:

+20 upgrade for armors

+20 upgrade for ulti weapons. Yes, +1-+10 normal weapon, then + 1-+10 ultimate would change to +1-+20 ultimate weapon. The slots? It would be doubled. lol

Looting pet and stat pet can be upgraded to +20 (will give stat bonuses), can be awakened, pierce up to 20 slots.

Fashion sets can be upgraded too! Also, up to +20! It can be awakened and pierce up to 20 slots. Yes, set…the four parts.

Hmm, what else? Weird updates? Yes, it will be. Very much.


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I saw an old flyff pic in my hard disk and it’s dated today. Today, it’s RM TensaiHoshi’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday my greatest RM! XD

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Originally, I posted this one in the FlyffPH Forums. The thread can be found here. Since I’m fixing my site, I might as well add this. Note that there are some Filipino words in this guide. So bear with me. I’ll translate it to English as soon as I can. Thanks. 😀

Disclaimer: This is just a little guide for those who want to be a fully fledged Ringmaster. It doesn’t mean that you should follow all of them. You can follow some, and completely ignore the others. It is still up to you. After all, Flyff is an RPG (Role-Playing Game).

1. Be patient in finding a party. At level 15, you only have heal as your main skill. If you’re an FS, try to approach players like “eow , party tau. Heal kita.” or “Hi, . Need mo ng support?”. Or the other option is to ask for RMs to help you level up until level 35 to unlock all the buffs you need. You can post here in the Ringmaster section if you want to.

The party should have players 19 levels (at most) higher than yours to gain the maximum exp. Example: Lv 60 RM, the highest level in the party should be 79 otherwise the RM won’t gain any exp. This scenario is what we call ‘level gap’.

2. Be a good support. Be a good support by:

  • Knowing the duration of your own buffs
  • Rebuffing your partymates before the duration runs out
  • Healing your partner/partymates when necessary
  • Being alert at all times
  • Buffing yourself with the necessary buffs you need in order to survive the attacks of aggressive monsters.

By being a good support, you’re building a good r-e-p-u-t-a-t-i-o-n. A lot of players love those FS Assist/RM who knows how to support.

3. Always open your messenger (party tab). Press E then click the party tab. Or the mini party window when you press P. *Thanks to Larson for pointing this out

Very useful when:

  • Checking the buff duration of your partymates
  • Rebuffing
  • You lost the target lock and you need to heal your partner (example he used DI or blinkpool or your mobber partner got carried away…he runs so fast that you weren’t able to catch up)

a. Partymate not selected, name is in grayish color, ?? level, he/she is too far from your position (example different channel or you’re in the battlefield and he/she is in a nearby town)
b. Partymate not selected, name is black, level is shown, he/she is near to you.
c. Partymate selected, name is blue color, you can check his/her buff duration, rebuff and heal (function keys)

4.When you’re laggy or delayed, tell your partymates about it so that they can do something with the aggre or at least they know the reason why you’re not moving. *Thanks to Larson

5. Chat with your partymates/partner from time to time. Make friends. Add mo ung mga nakakasundo mo or ung tahimik na mabait at tingin mo swak kau. Next online mo, try mo baka OL…palv kau.

6. If you’re going to be AFK (Away From the Keyboard) because you need to use the washroom/CR, you need to eat for awhile, etc…inform your partymates about it. Also, make sure that as much as possible, you do it fast especially when you’re the only FS Assist/RM in the party.

7. Don’t spam the chat box with “penge po gamit please” 1000 times. Nakakarindi un. Kung mabait mga kaparty mo at ginagawa mo ung job mo as a support…malaki ang chance na bigyan ka nila ng gamit. Pero kung bigyan ka man o hindi, maging k-u-n-t-e-n-t-o ka na sa exp. Bonus nalang ung gamit.

8. Be honest as much as possible. Like the level of your buffs and heal, etc. Wag yung example dahil sa gusto mo makaparty ung mobber, sasabihin mo max heal mo at taas int pero sa totoo hindi naman. Be fair with them, don’t be too greedy with the exp. Kase kaw rin mahihirapan pag nagsinungaling ka tulad sa level ng heal mo.

9. Say sorry for your mistakes and make sure not to repeat it. Tao ka, di ka robot at nagkakamali ka. Kaya natural lang un. Basta magsorry ka lang ng maayos. 😉

10. Prioritize your health. If you’re tired and you feel that you can no longer support 100%, then tell them that you need to rest. Wag yung pagod ka na kakaHC, heal, buff, sf, gt, hr, chat for 5 straight hours tapos ayaw ka paalisin. Have a stand about this. Magkaparehas lang kayo ng karapatan ng mga sinusupport mo, kung pagod ka na…kelangan mo magpahinga…wag papadikta sa kanila lalo’t ginawa mo naman ung part mo kaya ka nga napagod.

11. Know the difference between SUPPORT at LEECH. Kung guilty ka na isa ka talagang leech, edi ok lang na “paleech po”. Pero kung ginagawa mo ung trabaho mo, wag “paleech po”…”pasali party” nalang mas maganda. Unless gusto mo maalala biglang dakilang linta.

Ok, I quoted some messages from gpotato.

a. An aspiring RM who doesn’t want to go FS because she’s tired being called a ‘leech’ for all her hard work:

Well I’m trying a new build. I made a BRM cause I want RM buffs but I dont feel like running around supporting others and being called a leech for all my hard work.

Source: http://flyff-forum.gpotato.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2557251&p=15603911&hilit=leech#p15603911

b. Explanation of why FS != Leech

as far i am concerned an fs isnt a leech.a leech sits around doing squat while u do all the work and reaps free xp as a reward.a fs heals, buffs,removes debuffs,reses and at higher lvls makes killing enemies a lot easier with holy cross.that pays for the xp they gain.

Source: http://flyff-forum.gpotato.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2457403&p=14834573&hilit=leech#p14834573

c. An attacker who hates a ‘leecher’ who goes afk most of the time.

the least you can do is stay there, keep them healed/ buffed and fighting. if they die- no exp for you. i wouldn’t let any assist leech exp that they’re not willing to work for. you afk with me-ill leave with a mob of agros- or if you have boarded ill either kik you or leave the party. you can come back after many hours to find your exp and level hasn’t budged. scream as much you want. no support= no exp.

Source: http://flyff-forum.gpotato.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2144043&p=13989543&hilit=leech#p13989543

So yeah, combining everything…the summary is:
Support: Buffs, Ressu, Chats, does HC, SF, GT, Heal, HR from time to time (depends on the RM if he/she want to do HC, SF, GT, HR non-stop)
Leech: As simple as Join the party, buff, goes afk, return after 10-15 mins or more than that. Watda heck. /angry

The point is: ung lich, leech, linta o kung anu man ang pede itawag dyan…e tamad. Walang pakialam sa kaparty. Mas mahalaga sa kanya ung exp. Buff, afk, buff. Mga tamad kasi linta nga.

12. Have tons of patience and be proud that you are an aspiring RM…don’t look down on yourself. You are not JUST a support. You are a support and you are very important.

13. Keep your feet on the ground. Respect other players. Treat them as friends/allies/teammates. Yes, I said that RMs are important but it doesn’t mean that you should feel a level above than those who need your buffs. Hindi ung mag-aastang boss tau sa isang party dahil mahalaga ang RM at kelangan nila ang buffs, hc, heal, healrain, etc…Bakit? Kase parehas lang nating kelangan ang isa’t isa. We help them with our buffs, hc and heal and they help us level to enhance our buffs (remember, skill points na tau).

Other useful links:

TempestBlade’s FSing. Easier
RM Techniques
Light of Hope for FSRMs
RM Recognition Thread
TaZ’ RM Builds


*Robert Hidan, Larson, Taz
* Sempai Nizzz para sa ‘prioritize health’…kasi sabi nga niya wag papadala sa mga kaparty. Kung pagod na, kelangan magpahinga.
* Sa mga nakapartner kong mababait. Hmpp, miss you hehe. Ke meetme na mabait din sa akin. Thanks bro. 😀 Sa mga abusadong kapartner ko, elow (*gets knux* lol jk) pakabait na kayo mga dude!
* Salamat sa mga mababait at masisipag na RMs…

I’m open to comments, suggestions, constructive criticism or anything…just be nice, okis? O kung may mga gusto kau idagdag o kung anu man, just tell me.

–not complete yet–

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The upcoming v11 (that is, for Pflyff) introduces a new and cool feature called “Item Awakening”. It unlocks the hidden attributes of each shield, weapon, and armor suit.


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