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eso_groupJust this week, I stumbled upon this game: Ether Saga. It is a brand new MMORPG and looks cool (for me). The main site’s URL is http://eso.perfectworld.com/ I love the graphics, animations, the flying items/mounts, pets as shown in teasers like this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFqdFX3EP88 The game has three races namely Renzu-Human, Shenzu-Demigods, and Yaoh-Animal Race (once animals according to their site). Class is divided into six (6):

  • Dragoon (melee attacker, tankers, lance user)
  • Rogue (melee, dagger)
  • Mystic (healers but weird/overpowered according to some due to their offensive skills–meaning they have BOTH healing AND some offensive attacks)
  • Ranger (ranged attackers, bow)
  • Conjurer (range, the mage class, offensive, uses amulets)
  • Shaman (healing skills but NOT good at all compare to Mystic, secondary tank, hammers)


So being excited to try it out at once, I hurriedly checked their download section, grabbed their torrent since it will be my best option and waited for 9 hours to finish (not continuous)—really long because my connection wasn’t that great at all but I endured it. I want to play this game, I told myself. I visited the official forum, some fansites so I can plan ahead about the class I am about to pick once everything is ready. Since I always choose a mage type character in any MMORPG, I decided to go with Conjurer. Their amulets caught my eyes too because it is a little different; it is not-your-ordinary-and-very common-staff or wand. And one spell took my fancy. The Phoenix Flare. I saw this in one of the trailer videos from Youtube and I like it. I love this mythical creature! Even though I will be an Unda Conjurer, still I want to see this spell myself (it’s a Pyr spell; Conjurers main affinities are Unda and Pyra—you can’t be pure Unda or pure Pyra). Below is a screenshot (I think this is the Phoenix Flare):


That nine hours has passed and I installed the game right away, patiently waited for the extraction of all files, verifications, etc, clicked the install button and then…patch which didn’t work at all. It says the patch is too big and must be downloaded manually. So, still eager to play, I went to the site and clicked the patch links. To my surprise, the first patch file has a size of 270MB+ and the other is 160MB+! Well, we can say it is normal considering the graphics of the game. I was like, okay okay. That’s perfectly fine. In exchange for another hour or two of waiting again, I’ll be playing this game that caught my interests. Waited again. While waiting, I browse through the net and something popped in my mind. “Wait, I don’t have an account yet!”…and so, I jumped to their site again and tried to register. BUT—I am very unfortunate. I have already successfully installed the game, have plans with my Conjurer, its build will be Unda/Pyra, Shenzu Race (The Demigods that can equip the wings), with birthday of 7/19 for Ocean Size, Hermetic Winds, Stupify and already downloading the final pieces of the puzzle: the patches BUT to my disappointment I was prompted with this message when I tried to register:

Disabled Region
Our sincerest apologies, we cannot provide service to players in your region or to players using open proxies.
Please contact support at customerservice@perfectworldinc.com to resolve this issue.

WTF! I gradually lose all the excitement and energy that I had just few seconds ago. WTH, tell me they are kidding! I googled it for answer and the result? Players from Philippines cannot play Ether Saga because there is an IP block. According to this, we will have our own version. Come to think of it, we do have Perfect World here being hosted by Level Up! so maybe that explains why. In the future, this company might/will host this game for us. When? I wonder.

Just for reference, allow me to quote the list of blocked regions at this moment.

Hong Kong
North Korea
South Korea

Source: http://forum.mmosite.com/topics/144/200902/03/2934,1.html?time=1233703665#tip28819

Now, I am going to stop downloading the patches and uninstall this game to free up some space. All of my efforts are just for nothing! Tsk tsk! I wish I knew beforehand that this game has IP blocks for some regions. I thought since it is an international game, it is open for everyone. At least, I hope the authorities will consider to put up an announcement somewhere in their first page of the site like “Warning: Some regions are blocked. Please refer for the list here” or something like that. Why? To let everyone know that the game is NOT OPEN for everyone! I wasted several hours for nothing! Please! I am sure I am not the only one who experienced/will be experiencing this. It is REALLY a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! T_T

To finish this post and to show how my face looked like when I discovered that I cannot play this game, here’s a screenshot:


Oh well, that’s life. Let us just hope, we will have our local version very soon.

All screenshots are from the main site of the game. I do NOT own them.


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