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I discovered Anki!

Anki is a SRS (spaced repetition system) program that uses flashcards to help you in memorizing things. I stumbled upon this yesterday and I am happy. Installed it in my laptop, registered in ankiweb, and installed it in my ipod touch. Such a deadly combination! It will allow you to study in your laptop or in your ipod and sync the changes! Cool! One thing that I am disappointed about is the media support (audio and images)… as of now, Dropbox no longer allows third party application like this to access the files in their servers. Tsk tsk… BUT there will be changes in version 2 which will no longer depend on file hosting sites like Dropbox. Just have to wait for it. 😀

So far Anki is great and works for me. I will use it to study CCNA and Nihongo.


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